According to the characteristics of tower industry, combined with the company’s specific conditions, the company set up seven functional departments and two workshops.
General Office: Responsible for the establishment of various rules and regulations of the company, implementation and inspection of the system; formulation of the company’s annual business plan; follow-up inspection and implementation of department work; company contract review and legal cooperation; drafting and review of company documents; Management of documents and information materials; use and management of seals; administrative logistics management (vehicle management, network communication management, office equipment and supplies management, safety, health management and staff dormitory management, canteen management, guest reception arrangements, Conference and cultural activities, etc.; Human resources management (employee attendance, recruitment, training, file management, compensation and performance management, etc.).
Accounting Department: Responsible for the company’s financial work (establishment, improvement, optimization of the company’s accounting, budget and cost control system, formulation of fund use plan, accounting and reporting, cash and related settlement, cost management, etc.).
Technology Department: Responsible for drawing check, processing and manufacturing process preparation, technical analysis of quality accidents, drawings and process modifications, related technical standards and technical data compilation, technical file management, etc.
Production Department: Responsible for the company’s product production plan formulation, production tasks, production scheduling, production schedule, production staff deployment, production statistics, contact and management of external units.
Purchasing Department: Responsible for establishing material procurement system; formulating procurement plans according to production and installation plans; conducting market research to ensure supply of materials for production and engineering installation; responsible for materials and finished product distribution; responsible for warehouse management.
Marketing Department: Responsible for market development, business development, bidding organization and coordination, engineering contract signing, documentary, engineering installation and acceptance.
Quality Inspection Department: Responsible for the quality management and product quality inspection.
Production workshop: Undertaking all the production tasks of all products.